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Many aren’t quite sure of the difference between Life Coaching and Counseling and are uncertain about which they should pursue.  A common misperception is that counseling focuses on the past while life coaching focuses on the future.  As a school psychologist and life coach, Dr. Domer-Shank is able to do both.  Dr. Domer-Shank will help identify past issues, individual characteristics, and life circumstances that may be hindering growth while employing life coaching strategies to develop goal setting and actionable steps for improvement.


Life Coaching for Teens is designed to help your teen identify their individual skills, qualities, strengths, values and learn how to use them effectively to overcome barriers, stressors, or frustrations.  Through quality life coaching, your teen will build their resilience, learn to rely on themselves, and increase their overall confidence.  Common reasons for seeking Teen Life Coaching include anxiety, academics, social issues, and self exploration.


Life Coaching for Emerging Adults is designed to help your 18 to 29 year old during this in-between time when they are pulling away from adolescence and starting to feel as if they are an adult.  This transition time where the emerging adult is accepting responsibility for themselves, making independent decisions, and becoming financially independent can be difficult, stressful, and frustrating for them and those around them. Life Coaching with emerging adults focuses on stability, self-focus, motivation, and optimism while developing goals and action items.


Performance Resilience Coaching for Youth & College Athletes

After longitudinal research on youth athletes and in consultation with her husband, a seasoned coach and athletic director, Dr. Domer-Shank developed a curriculum, Beyond the Score: You must lose to win at life.  This curriculum focuses on the mental aspect of athletics including resilience and grit.

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