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BOLD Girls Traditional

BOLD, developed by Susan Hyatt, follows a curriculum that will be delivered by Dr. Laura Domer-Shank. The reviewed weekly topics are as follows:

  • Social Media

  • Finding and Feeling Joy

  • Physical Movement

  • Healthy Choices

  • Personal Style

  • Mindset

  • Using your Voice


“BOLD has really opened up my eyes and helped me through a really tough time and it is continuing to help. It’s not just girly girl topics It’s real heartfelt conversations, no lying needed.”

- Olivia


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Bold Girls Traditional

1 hour

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Course Topics

Week 1

Social Media

An exploration on how social media affects identity, self-esteem, and personal wellness.

Week 2


A breakdown of coping with every day stressors while refocusing on positivity.

Week 3


A shift in approaching the brilliance of bodies while engaging with them healthily and happily.

Week 4


A change in relationship to consumption how we fill bodies with light and love. 

Week 5


An expression of identity and an embrace of self-impressing.

Week 6


A rewiring thoughts towards a more balanced and positive lens.

Week 7


A discovering of beliefs and cultivation of speaking out on their behalf.