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Happy Girls



Brave Embrace was born from Dr. Domer-Shank’s pivot from working with victims to preventing victims. After many years of experience as a psychologist, educational consultant, and researcher on social media and recruitment into sex trafficking, Dr. Domer-Shank recognized that most of the issues that girls, adolescents, and young women face have remarkable similarities and roots. This realization prompted Dr. Domer-Shank to think critically about what girls need and found that the time to develop the needed groundwork for the prevention of potential issues is early adolescents and adolescents. During this time of development, girls are considering their identification - who they are and what they stand for - but it is also a time of uncertainty, grappling with a variety of influences, breaking away from childhood, and a strong desire for connection.

Brave Embrace offers opportunities for group work, individual coaching, and parent support so girls will learn essential skills and embrace their individual worth which will help guide them throughout their unique life journey. With the reliance on evidence-based critical and necessary foundational structures, explicit awareness of societal barriers and distractions, empowerment of individual assets, and a keen focus on resiliency building, girls between the ages of 8 and 18 will embrace becoming a generation of brave leaders.


"A Girl should be two things: who and what she wants"

- Coco Chanel

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Brave Embrace's Manifesto

Your girl can change the world.

We won’t feed into the diet culture.

We will empower and lift one another up.

We won’t be held captive by anxiety.

We will navigate social media well.

We will carefully consider choices

that are good for us.

We will see our individuality

as a strength.

We will find joy.

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